A random act of vandalism

Our handiwork.

Last night I was incited to commit a random act of vandalism.

Daughter number two asked me if I wanted to join her in trashing the car of boyfriend of daughter number one.

Just for fun. I agreed. I didn’t take much persuading. Good grief, I’m so grown up.

So we stuck patterns on his vehicle with post-it notes.

Post-it notes are great for minor acts of vandalism because they don’t do any permanent damage, they just peel off.

I think he knows it was us. The three of us are the sole members of a WhatsApp group we use for sharing stupid messages. I woke up this morning to a message that just said ‘Erm!!!!’.

This all started when daughter number one’s boyfriend anonymously sent daughter number two an inflatable penis in the post.

Not knowing who had sent it, her first instinct was to blame me. I remember telling a friend at work and being overheard by the managing director.

“Did you send your youngest daughter an inflatable penis in the post,” he said.

“No,” I repilied.

“Is this something you would be likely to do,” he asked.

“I all honesty,” I said, “yes, it probably is.”

Cars were the theme of the day yesterday. I picked mine up from garage number 2 in the morning and took it back to garage number one where it was MOT’d and serviced.

Now they’ve decided it needs new brakes so it has to go back to garage number one today! I’m really getting quite bored with this. But at least I don’t have to pay for it – the bill has topped £700 already!

As for the grand Plan. I have bids on one of the items I’m selling on eBay and I have three lots of positive feedback. Woo hoo.

Now I’d better go and see whether our minor of vandalism has resulted in a minor act of retribution. See the car parked directly behind his in the picture? That’s mine.

  1. nikkix2 said:

    Haha sounds like something I would do!
    As for the car situation,,,this is exactly why I gave mine to my ex. So I will no longer have to worry about car ins, up keep and unexpected work expenses!

  2. Childish but fun :) … guess what, the damn car needs a new tyre now!!!

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