The garage has stolen my car

I think I previously mentioned that I have a company car. This is supposed to take all the stress and worry out of driving a vehicle – wrong!

My car was at a very nice garage near work on Friday for an MOT and a service. It failed its MOT.

But the lease company that owns my car would not let that  garage carry out the work,

Instead they made me book the car in to a garage 15 miles away to have it fixed. They couldn’t do this till yesterday so, as this garage was just a couple of miles from home, I decided to work from home yesterday while my car was being fixed.

The trouble is it wasn’t fixed! Despite knowing precisely what was wrong with it,  they failed miserably to order a new catalytic converter and held my car hostage over night.

Apparently they are going to fix it this morning.

Trouble is, my MOT runs out today and unless I have it retested by the first garage I am not going to be able to drive it.

So I have to work from home this morning while I wait for the second garage to fix it, get my dad to take me there to pick it up when it’s done (yes, I’m 46 and still rely on my dad to drive me occasionally), drive back to the first garage so it can be MOT’d and serviced, call someone from work to come collect me and take me to work and then get them to take me back when the car is finished.

This is yet another reason why I need to buy my own car. It would have been fixed on Friday without all this palaver if it was my car.

The only problem is I would have had to pay for it.


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