What I learned/achieved this week (week 2)

Flowers by the lake

I went to the dentist yesterday.

This is something I have been putting off because

a) I don’t enjoy going to the dentist and
b) they are too expensive and I couldn’t afford it

However, my teeth are falling apart and I managed to register with an NHS dentist recently so I dutifully trundled along to be abused verbally (for not going for so long), physically (cos that’s what they do) and financially.

Well I was right, I need loads of work done (six fillings and an extraction if I’m going to be honest). But the dentist was very nice and the cost – £48 and that included yesterday’s check up! Absolutely, staggeringly bargainous.

So I paid in advance quickly before they changed their minds and I now have one appointment next week and two the week after and my teeth will be fixed.

So top of the things I’ve learned this week is:

Always register with and NHS dentist. This helps your finances and your teeth.

This week’s other positives:

  • More items sold on eBay by Man. This shows Man is just as committed to the Plan as I am. This is great.
  • Total in the pot now comes to £138.33. This has been raised over and above our normal income and in just two weeks. Total to reach goal is now just £49,861.67. Woo Hoo.
  • The number of followers of my blog has increased to 47 – thank you, thank you. Next challenge is  50. Now that will be a milestone. I also figured out how to add an ‘About me’ page to my blog.
  • I have registered with both a stockphoto agency and a site that I may possibly earn cash from writing articles. These are slow-burning, long term income plans. I am part way through my first articles.
  • Having been quite disillusioned with the quality of my photographs last week, this week I have taken a handful I am pleased with.
  • I have sent off my driving licence renewal which will a) avoid me being fined £1,000 for having an out of date licence and b) enable me to start submitting photographs to said stockphoto agency.
  • I have read some very interesting blogs that have been inspiring.
  • I still managed to do my full time job and with all the Jubilee papers we put out last week, I think we did a damn good job.
  • I met up with a friend I haven’t seen for years last week and I am doing the same with another friend tonight.
  • I did not bite my nails. In fact last night I even painted my nails because they have reached a length that makes it appropriate to do so.

The negatives

  • I discovered I could not submit photos to the stockphoto site because my driving licence has expired. This has now turned into a positive (see above)
  • It has been an expensive week and I am running out of money – still 9 days till I get paid.
  • The credit card company has upped the limit on my credit card. I suppose this shows that my credit rating is improving but I am not responsible enough to have a credit card with that amount of money available.
  • My countdown clock ticked down one unit. There are now only 3.3 years till my deadline of my 50th birthday.
  • I failed to make any greetings cards like I said I would.

All in all, another good week. It is only the beginning of week three and I feel I have made some headway.

There is a growing amount of money in the pot, Man is working towards the same goal I am and we have plans and ideas to make more.

There is a long way to go but we’ve made a start and we will achieve it together


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