“It’s droughting cats and dogs”

Today’s title I have blatantly stolen from someone I don’t know.

There’s a drought in the UK, especially in the south where there are hosepipe bans in force at the moment.

On day four of five days pretty solid rain last week, someone I follow on Twitter retweeted “It’s droughting cats and dogs”. It made me smile.

Us English are very fond of talking about the weather and “It’s raining cats and dogs” is a common expression. Even though it is quite ridiculous. In France they say “Il pleut des cordes” or “it’s raining ropes”, that makes much more sense.

It was dry(ish) over the weekend but this morning it is chucking it down with rain so I can’t sit outside and annoy Stanley. I can still hear him though.

Stanley glaring at me again.

Here’s a photo of him that I took yesterday just to prove how angry he is.

See the way he glares at me :) I’d like to be friends but I don’t think there is much chance of that.

If he was red he would look exactly like the Angry Birds from the game.

I am off in the rain today to renew my driving licence before I get fined £1,000.

I am also going to the dentist.

I am not looking forward to this.

Yesterday I did very little to work towards my goals. I fact I went to the cinema with daughter number 2 and her boyfriend.

Stepdaughter-to-be also moved out of Man’s house (again). Relationships with new partner’s children can sometimes be difficult. I find it difficult anyway.

It’s tough to know whether or not to become involved and interfere (help) with any given situation.

I am very lucky in having a great relationship with my daughters.

Stepdaughter-to-be is like a tornado breezing through your home. I don’t think she means to be but she is exhausting.

In the last year she has been thrown out of her mother’s house (bin bags of clothes on the garden) moved in with a cousin, where she didn’t stay for long, lived in a hostel and got thrown out of there for cutting a fellow resident’s clothes up because she thought she’s stolen her phone (don’t know whether she did or not), moved in with a friend and got thrown out of there for just being a nuisance and moved back in with Man.

She’s only 17, thinks she’s grown up but is actually very childlike and naive.

Now she has left again over an argument about an email. Man was trying to tell her that an email saying her bank account was being deactivated and asking for her atm pin number was a scam.

In typical teen style, she didn’t believe him, huge row, huge drama from our resident drama queen and off she goes again, making Man out to be the worst person in the world. He is, in fact, the only person who has never thrown her out, no matter how difficult things have got.

She makes me angry … but conversely I actually don’t think she’s a bad kid. She has anger issues, which she uses as an excuse for everything, but she can be very kind. She just needed someone to show her the boundaries years and years ago.

Is it too late now at 17? Who knows?

I just know I spend too much of my life carting her furniture from one place to another and biting my tongue.




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