Dory does England – another cunning plan

This morning I am full of enthusiasm again.

Got my first positive feedback on eBay last night … YAY I am officially trading. So I listed some more items. Just some dvds this time. Maybe those will sell as well.

Warwick Castle

But I’m also very excited about a couple of new sources of income.

I’ve discovered a couple of online communities where people post articles – factual articles – and some people actually earn a reasonable amount of money from them through sponsored links and Google AdWords and a load of other things I currently know nothing about but am going to learn about very quickly.

And I thought ‘I can do that’.

Let’s face it, writing articles is what I’ve done for the last 30 years. That and editing other people’s articles.

So I signed up for one site last night and there’s another one I’m going to sign up for tonight.

This is not a get-rich-quick plan but I don’t really believe those plans work any way. And I am looking to build up another income gradually while currently also working full time.

Slow and steady wins the race, we have already established that I am a tortoise.

Lincoln Cathedral

I think if I can submit one article to each site each week, and then maybe also submit say five photographs to the stock photo agency each week, I can slowly build up a library of stuff on these sites that might, eventually, start earning me some money.

The only thing I have to lose is some time.

I thought I’d start with what I know best.

One thing Man and I are very good at is road trips. We go off exploring all over the place (England at the moment because both our passports have expired).

We do it because we like exploring and we have a lot of fun.

We also take photos (like the ones you can see here) and learn something new about wherever we end up. (We also usually end up having an extremely nice meal – but that’s probably not relevant).

So I thought I would start with a few articles about places to visit in England … and turn it into a whole series. Dory does England!

I have a whole host of stuff I can draw on for inspiration to start with and it gives us an excuse (not that we are ever going to need one) to head out on a regular basis and explore new places.

Who knows, at some point we might even be able to afford to get our passports renewed and go further afield!

Inside Lincoln Cathedral

Since we’ve been together we’ve explored York, Lincoln, Warwick, London, Nottingham, the Derbyshire Dales, Blackpool, Wroxeter, Portsmouth, Scarborough, Cleethorpes, Skegness, Reading … the list goes on and on.

The first thing I have to do is learn the site rules. That’s this evening’s job.

I don’t get to see Man this weekend (other than facetiming him on my iPhone) so the plan of action for this weekend is as follows:

  • Make some cards to sell at a car boot sale (garage sale) and to the craft shops I went to see.
  • Sort out the crap from my house for said car boot sale.
  • Learn the rules and read all the terms and conditions for the stock photo and the articles sites.
  • Write and submit at least a couple of articles to each site to start me off.
  • Submit at least five photos to the stock photo site.
  • Add a page or two to my blog and learn more about WordPress.
  • Tidy my house, which currently looks like a student hovel!

I have three days (I don’t work Mondays) to achieve this.

Yep, that’s do-able.



1 comment
  1. nikkix2 said:

    Wow, you go gurl! Please let us know where I can go to read your articles on Places to visit in England :)

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