A tortoise or a hare?

Let’s get back on track here, I’ve been rambling a little bit (I do have that habit).

The goals are:

  1. Raise £50,000 so Man and I can buy a house.
  2. Generate a joint £50,000 annual income so we can survive and pay our bills.
  3. Improve my health and fitness.
  4. Live happily ever after.

So, how are we doing?

Well, in 10 days we have generated additional cash of £79.71 in our new savings account – only £49,920.29 to go woo hoo.

In addition to this there is about £35 sitting jointly in our PayPal accounts waiting until our lovely eBay buyers have received the goods we have sold to them. Yay, we’ve cracked our first £100.

Yesterday I popped out of work to post the four Wii games I had sold.

Note to self: Do not set up eBay sales that finish on a Saturday of a Jubilee weekend when Post Offices are closed for the next three days and you can’t post the parcels.

Man has now listed more items for sale (and received a bid already). I am going to do the same this evening. I’ve got a rake load of dvds that can go and other stuff, it’s about time I had a clear out.

I have also got to sort some stuff out to do a car boot sale when Man is down the weekend after next. I have all the ex-husband’s tools to sell, which we cleared out of his parents’ house after he died. They are currently in my dining room and I want them gone.

As for generating a regular income, well I’ve sort of put out feelers and that is about it.

An okay picture of a deer

I haven’t had time to go through all the terms and conditions for the stock photo agency yet – work has got in the way – but I have had a look at some of my photos and decided I really need to try harder. Need to get the camera cleaned and read up on a few good techniques before I start posting my photos to the site.

This, for example, is one of my pictures from the deer park on Monday at Wollaton. Now I have a friend who takes absolutely amazing photographs of deer.

This is not an amazing picture of a deer. At best it is an okay picture of a deer. It needs to be amazing. Must try harder.

Health and fitness, not so good. Haven’t done anything except stop biting my nails, which I suppose is an achievement. But I have got into the habit of writing every morning so now I also need to get into the habit of doing 20 minutes exercise each day.

The living happily ever after I don’t really have a problem with.

I am mainly happy. Not always, everyone has their moments and I have had some pretty traumatic moments over the years. But nothing keeps me down for long and on balance my life has been, is currently and will continue to be pretty damn good.

So it’s the finance and the fitness things that I need to work on.

We will get there. We have 3.4 years to do it according to my countdown clock.

Slow and steady wins the race – I see myself more as a tortoise than a hare.


  1. nikkix2 said:

    You said it right,,you have 3.4 yrs to go, don’t try to change everything in 2 months Dory, or you will burn out, then where will you be?
    Sure you want to work on the fitness,,,but instead of “forcing” yourself to exercise everyday, how about just getting out for a small walk everyday,,say on your lunch break?
    I LIKE your deer picture!! Just saying,,and great job on your savings,,,I myself have only a measly $5 can.lol!

  2. Yeah you’re right, thanks :) … and that walking thing is a great idea

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