How to meet a man on facebook … and a ridiculous day

Having mentioned recently that I met Man on facebook, I was asked yesterday how you go about doing it.

Well it’s easier than you think … but you might not meet the right man.

When I first signed up to facebook years ago the privacy settings weren’t that hot (or I hadn’t set them right). Listing yourself as single and letting anyone contact you led to some interesting messages.

These ranged from a couple of ‘let’s be friends, here’s a photo of my penis’, to ‘your daughters look lovely, I like young girls’.

I laughed and deleted those in the first category and blocked and reported those in the second.

Then I changed my privacy settings.

But there are a couple of applications where you can play games against random people, and send them chat messages without being their friends – word games, dice games, poker, hangman etc. I decided this was safe because you could chat to people and get to know them before accepting them as friends.

Consequently I added a number of what I termed ‘randoms’ on my friends list – both men and women. Some are still on there, I have met them in real life and we have really become friends. Others fell by the wayside.

Meeting Man was slightly different.

I used to play this game on facebook called Treasure Madness. Just something to pass the time. But it is one of those games where you reach a certain point then you can’t progress any further unless you have a certain number of friends also playing the game, I didn’t have them and got stuck.

So I went on to the page for the game and found all these people asking to be added to friends lists so they could carry on with the game and I added a load.

Most I had no interaction with whatsoever. They would appear on my news feed but they were just making up numbers I needed to play the game. Then one day a status from Man caught my eye and he sounded really down so on the spur of the moment I inboxed him.

I introduced myself, said I thought I’d say hello as he was now on my friends list and admitted that I was slightly insane but I wouldn’t describe myself as dangerous.

He replied, I replied back, he replied … we got chatting and got to know each other.The rest is history.

Well almost … I confess I did also invite myself to meet him after we had been chatting for about a month. I was in the habit of travelling round the country taking pictures of castles. Nottingham has a castle and I used it as an excuse to invite myself to go see him. After that the rest is history.

I suppose facebook is the same as anywhere else, if you can sift through the idiots, the pervs and the downright strange, there are some fabulous people all over the place. Finding the right one is just fate.

I had a ridiculous day yesterday. I had pretty much a whole production team working, despite it being bank holiday, because we still had deadlines for several papers.

It only took me two hours to drive to work from Nottingham because there was no traffic, which was great,  but then we had technical problems that meant we had no access to photographs – and newspapers look pretty crap without them.

So there was major panic over that and just as that is sorted, the connectivity at one of the other offices dies completely. So we had to decamp all these people from that office to our office and get them set up on the computers so we could finish the papers. We had five papers to publish yesterday.

In the midst of this a group of young lads appear in the car park.

“We’re university students and we have invented a water turbine’ they tell me.

‘Well good for you’ I say.

‘We have nowhere to test it, can we use your river?’ they ask.

And you know what? I thought ‘why not’. Today can’t get more ridiculous, why shouldn’t I have half a dozen students dangling a prototype water turbine on a bit of rope off our bridge.

Well it kept them happy.


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