Thank you, gracias, merci, danke

Much appreciation from me

Wow! I am really feeling the love today.

My lovely newly-found friend nikkix2 at Just Another Canadian Gurl has nominated me for  a Reader Appreciation Award.

I’m so chuffed … my blog is little more than a week old, and this is amazing. Thanks so much.

So there are rules for accepting the nomination.

I’ve posted the logo and linked back to Nikkix2. Now I get to answer a few questions and nominated the blogs I like to read.

So here’s the Q&A

Favourite colour: Orange, the colour of the sunrise

Favourite animal: cat, I have three … Fuzzy, who is a dainty little lady, Marv who is the biggest, stupidist beast of a cat you’ve ever seen, and Buddy, a one-eyed ginger tom who lives with Man in Nottingham and is forever attacking my toes.

Favourite non-alcoholic drink:  coffee, I need a constant supply

Facebook or Twitter?: I love both, but I met Man on FB

Favourite pattern: ?? Don’t really understand but I like the pattern raindrops make on windows

Giving or receiving presents?: Giving, I like the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you find the perfect gift for someone

Favourite number: Do people have these things? Umm, I don’t know … 50,000 cos that’s the number of pounds I’m aiming for.

Favourite day of the week: Monday, because I don’t work and most other people do (it gives me a sense of smugness when I wake up in the morning

Favourite flower: Sunflower, bright, cheerful and they never fail to make me smile

What’s my passion: My amazing daughters, and making a new life with Man.

And now the nominations of the blogs I like to read (there’s just a few at the moment because I’m just starting out)

The phonetographers because I love taking pictures with my iPhone and seeing other people’s

The Sagebrush Sea which I just think is amazing

And The Soulsby Farm because they are living their dream

Thanks Nikkix2

  1. nikkix2 said:

    Your welcome!
    I’ve always wondered, just how you meet someone on Fb?? Please enlighten me,,,maybe my future “Man” is on there somewhere,lol!

    • Haha … I shall tell you in tomorrow’s post then :)

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