Jubilee beacons and a wedding video from hell

Wollaton Hall, Nottingham

Wollaton Hall in Nottingham. One of my favourite places.

Man and I had our first date there … a picnic of cheese and Marmite sandwiches and sheep biscuits (that’s biscuits with icing looking like a sheep, rather than biscuits flavoured with lamb!), surrounded by an evil flock of ravens trying to steal our lunch and attempting to fly a kite that had a piece missing and would not take to the air.

We go there often.

Last night we went for the lighting of one of around 4,000 Jubilee beacons. It was fun.

There were loads of people. Man spent half the evening in the longest queue for a drinks tent I’ve ever seen in my life and the crowd sang the worst rendition of God Save the Queen that I’ve ever heard.

The Jubilee beacon at Wollaton Hall

But the beacon looked amazing and it was great to see all those people turn out.

The beacon was topped with a diamond and filled with fireworks (I love fireworks) and I’m really glad we went.

I created wedding video number two yesterday. Good grief what a pain in the arse that turned out to be.

The sd card of photos that the happy couple had given me were not that great and the photos were a really low resolution. And there were mountains of them.

My laptop started playing silly buggers and the disc wouldn’t write and all in all in took me about eight hours to create a ten minute video that I wasn’t happy with.

Lesson of the day: Stick to working with my own stuff. I get very frustrated otherwise and I absolutely hate giving people something that I think is substandard.

The happy couple were delighted with it, however, so all is good.

I’m working today, along with the rest of my production team. But at the moment I’m still at Man’s. So I have a 150-mile journey to work this morning.

You know, at the start of this relationship, the distance between us suited me. I was six months out of a turbulent 20-year marriage and I got to see Man on my terms.

Two and a half years on, I find the distance annoying. I want to share a house with him and not just seem him on high days, holidays and facetime.

Patience is a virtue I really do not possess. So I’m going to have to work even harder at reaching my goals.


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