Stephen Spielberg eat your heart out

My favourite photo from the wedding

Yesterday I made my first wedding video.

Daughter no:2 gave me a copy of Pinnacle and I used it to put all the photographs I took at Saturday’s wedding into a video, with transitions between the photos and set to music (Marvin Gaye’s How Sweet It is and Shania Twain’s From This Moment).

For a first attempt I was quite pleased with it. We burnt it off and gave it to the happy couple as a wedding present.

They were absolutely delighted and said it was the best wedding present they had received.

I was amazed (and very pleased).

Now they have asked me to take the pictures provided by their photographer and do the same with those. They reckon I should do this for a living… it’s another option.

Another one I’m pleased with

So today I am going to be creating wedding video number 2.

ALL our items sold on eBay yesterday. Man and I are traders! Man sold an old wireless modem and I sold four Wii games. We are now about £30 better off and have approximately one cubic foot’s extra space in our houses. Two boxes ticked there then – more cash and less crap.

Oh and I signed up to a stock photo agency. I’m going to place some of my photos and see what happens. It doesn’t cost anything so I have nothing whatsoever to lose. Definitely worth a try.

The UK’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations continue today, which is a Bank Holiday. Man and I are off to see the lighting of one of the many beacons throughout the country this evening. We will be going to Wollaton Hall in Nottingham, a favourite haunt of ours.

There will be music and street theatre and  the lighting of the beacon. I’m looking forward to it.

But now I have my first commission to attend to. My first request for a wedding video. Just call me Spielberg!

  1. nikkix2 said:

    Another Great Post!!
    I have nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award!! Because, I think your superawesome!
    Here’s the link to the conditions of the award!! Enjoy.
    And, thanks for making me smile every day :)

  2. Wow, thank you … I don’t know what to say (for once). I love reading your posts and I’m really glad you enjoy mine :)
    You’re amazing and you’ve totally made my day … thanks :) x

  3. amb said:

    Hi! Thanks so much for following my blog! I’m glad we’ve connected, I love your site and will be back to visit often :-)

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