Things I have learnt or achieved this week (week 1)

It’s been a week now since I started this blog and started planning for my new life with Man rather than just bowling along blindly from one day to the next.

In that week I’ve got 27 followers for Dory’s World … and only half of those are family and friends that I’ve press-ganged into it.

Thank you for taking the time to read my musings. I’m not sure you are going to learn much from Dory’s World. It’s more me thinking out loud really. I’ve always been the type of person who has a confused jumble of thoughts in her head that don’t actually achieve much clarity until I either write them down or say them out loud. So I’m finding this really useful.

I have another 35 followers of my Twitter feed.

This week’s positives

  • I have started a blog … I am writing every morning and thoroughly enjoying it. It helps me gather my thoughts at the start of the day. I have followers (thank you again)
  • I have opened a Twitter account. And again I have followers.
  • Man and I have opened a savings account and in that savings account is currently more than £70 that we have earned over and above our normal incomes.
  • I have read lots of interesting and inspiring things in other people’s blogs and started to get to know people.
  • Man and I have started selling our unwanted items on eBay. I currently have bids of £9 and £7 and two of 99p on old Wii games and Man has a bid of £3.50 on a wireless router. Exciting, our first foray into trading.
  • I have downloaded books to help me become more knowledgeable at blogging, web design and social media.
  • I have taken lots of photos … some of which I am happy with. I’m going to try and sell some, maybe set up an account with a stock photos service.
  • I have started to investigate greetings cards manufacturers to see who takes freelance submissions and begun looking into whether it is remotely feasible to set up a small micro business making them ourselves.
  • I managed to do these things while still putting in 48 hours at work.
  • I ‘obtained’ a free dress! and attended a wedding wearing it.

The not so positive

  • I made a complete idiot of myself walking around town wearing sunglasses with a lens missing (ha ha).
  • I fell off a kerb and broke my favourite sandals.


So, altogether, it’s been a good week. Onwards and upwards.

This week I want to achieve my first positive feedback as a seller on eBay. I want to find out more about WordPress and add a couple of pages.

I want to set up a spreadsheet so I can do the accounts for our savings accounts. And I want to start working on my first book.



1 comment
  1. Sharon said:

    I am loving reading your daily updates, makes my life seem oh so boring!

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