Today I am going to a wedding in a stolen dress

I didn’t mean to steal the dress.

I went to the shop last week with daughter number 2. She has booked a holiday to Egypt and wanted to buy some holiday stuff and I needed an outfit for today’s wedding.

We picked up one basket … we weren’t going to get a lot (haha).

Well we got to the till with a huge pile of stuff that we wanted to pay for separately so we started dividing it up.

I, who hadn’t planned on buying much, had a dress, a cardigan, some shoes, a handbag, a hat, a necklace, a bracelet, a shirt for Man, a tie for Man, a pizza plate and a set of tea towels.

We paid and all the way home daughter number two moaned about how I got so much more for my money than she did.

When I checked the receipt, they hadn’t charged me for the dress – so today I’m attending a wedding in a stolen dress.

Now the very fact I have bought a dress is amazing. Until last week, I didn’t own one. Neither do I possess a skirt (I’m not the dressy type).

My parents popped by the following day and I showed them the dress and said I was going to a wedding. As they left later, my mother asked if it was me that was getting married. That’s how surprising me buying a dress is!

No mumsy, I’m not getting married today but, you are right, when I do I won’t be telling anyone … Man and I will just go off and do it.

It’s Jubilee weekend this weekend and the country is using it as an excuse for lots of community parties. I like that it gives people a reason for getting together with friends and neighbours. Community spirit only seems to show occasionally, I miss it.

I also like bunting … and it’s everywhere at the moment. This week on my journeys too and from work bunting has multiplied all over towns and villages and it’s made me smile.


It’s even on bus stops.

I drove up to Man’s last night, so my weekend is going to be spent in Nottingham.

He baked fresh bread for me … now that’s love!

And now, it’s time for me to get ready for the wedding. I’m going to enjoy my dress more because I didn’t pay for it. That’s probably not the right attitude is it?

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  1. nikkix2 said:

    Awesome attitute,,my thought is,,if the sales person made a mistake. Not your problem!
    I’m glad you posted a pick of what you have been calling bunting,,,I kept thinking, that all around England there is great amounts of billowy “tulle” everwhere, lol. What you call “bunting” we simply call “hanging flags”, lol!!
    Hope you have a great time today!

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