‘Tomorrow is an abstract concept’

This is the first thing I read this morning, it struck a chord.

Sex, Lies, and Measuring Tape: The 3 Lies We Believe That Keep Us Unhappy and Fat.

If we are talking specifically about weight loss, in my case, this is oh, so true.

I’ve lost count of the times I’m going to start dieting or stop smoking tomorrow.

But what I do is convince myself that, as I’m dieting tomorrow, all the bad things I have in the house – packets of biscuits, sweets, the odd cheesecake etc – ought to be eaten today.

So I eat them. Then fail miserably to start dieting.

Without the idea of tomorrow, those biscuits would have survived for days, perhaps weeks more.


So, this can be applied to other things in my life as well.

‘Tomorrow I’m going to start my new business, learn how to do something new, do some life laundry and clear out what’s not needed, change the world.’

Well, I’m never going to arrive at tomorrow because it keeps on moving, so I ought to do it today.

Those friends and family I have spoken to about changing my life have, without exception, said ‘You should write a book’. Something I have secretly always wanted to do.

I know, I know, I can’t just write a book today. But I can work on some ideas. Jot down some notes.

And I can start working on other aspects of my life … take a salad into work for lunch instead of buying a sandwich. In fact, worse, I get one of my team to go pick me up a sandwich so I don’t even get the benefit of the exercise walking to the shop!

Onwards and upwards. Thanks Healthdemystified for making me think this morning.

Like I said yesterday, Tuesdays to Fridays I am working long hours and don’t get a lot of time to do much else.

I did, however, find several interesting people on Twitter who have websites that help with blogging (very useful for a newbie) and I spoke to a couple of people who have skills that I need to learn to persuade them to teach  me said skills.

A photographer at work has found me somewhere locally who can clean and check over my beloved Nikon and a designer has said he will teach me how to use Adobe Illustrator (at least he will if he wants his holiday form signed lol).

On daughter number 2’s bedroom wall … that’s what I’m doing

And I worked out that if Man and I need £50,000 by the time I’m 50, we are going to need to raise £1,250 each and every month until then!

Well it’s a good job I’ve now got TWO bids on my Ebay goods … those two 99 pences are going to come in very handy.


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