The early bird …

The boat yard.

I was up with Stanley the Sparrow this morning.

The sun was shining, so I grabbed my camera and headed to the lake. These photos, and the new header for Dory’s World, are the result.

I’ve been thinking vary carefully about what I want to do with the rest of my life and have come up with a couple of lists (I’m very partial to lists).

Things I’m good at/enjoy/have good knowledge of

Writing, I’ve worked as journalist for almost 30 years; photography, my main hobby; I’m tech savvy, spent last year being lead superuser (superloser) setting up the new editorial software systems at work; research.

I’m creative, I have made clothes, can knit, made greetings cards, painted etc; I’m hard-working, have met deadlines all my working life; I’m a parent; I embrace social media; I grew up with two brothers who have Downs syndrome so I have vast experience of people with learning disabilities; I am a collector of quirky information – love learning new things.

I enjoy driving, cooking (my speciality is creating random dishes from things that have been reduced in supermarkets; exploring, history, science fiction and my Xbox (although I’m not sure what benefit being a middle-aged female gamer will be). I’m very good at lists.

By the lake.

Things I’m crap at/ don’t enjoy/ should avoid at all costs (or learn how to do properly)

Gardening, I am truly useless so I now pay a man to do it for me (daughters have christened him Wallace because he looks like the character from Wallace and Grommit); dieting, something I am going to have to learn; managing money, I spend it … this does not fit with the Plan; exercising … currently not a lot, my excuse is not having the time; time management …I work long hours, averaging I suppose 12-14 hours a day, I don’t, however, work on Mondays.

I need to play to my strengths and work on my weaknesses. But I need to avoid being fired for moonlighting while I’m at it.

Yesterday Man and I opened an online joint savings account for the pot of cash we need, we started our Ebay selling careers, which serve the dual purpose of adding to the fund and a bit of life laundry, and I investigated greetings card manufacturers to see who accepts freelance submissions.

Today is going to be taken up with a little bit of local research. And maybe some more photos … I’m glad Stanley and I were up early though, the sun has gone in now and the light isn’t nearly so good as it was at 5.30am.

Early morning at the park

  1. nikkix2 said:

    Hi Dory!! Thanks for following my blog, I really like your blog and look forward to following you and your “man” get to your goal!!
    P.S. the backgrount on my blog,,is from my family’s cottage on the lake too!

    • Thanks :) I really enjoyed reading yours too (and I love the background)

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